Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Bush AIDS Abstinence Appointee Quits State Dept. in Hooker Scandal

I find this so terribly amusing, yet at the same time... it's terribly sad. We are the leaders of the free world and those in power in America cannot even hold themselves to the same standards they hold for those less fortunate than themselves.

If the richest people in the world are not capable of behaving ethically, how can we expect others -- who live in states much closer to Hobbes' state of nature -- to behave ethically? How can Americans expect others in the world to view us with respect when we are unwilling to afford them the same? When we are the cause of so much suffering, death and violence throughout the world, how do we dare to be shocked when violence, suffering and death arrive at our own doorstep?

America, we must set the example. I hear Christians harp on this concept endlessly, yet I have met few who actually live their faith. Our leaders use this rhetoric in the policies and laws, yet our national actions do not match our words. Yet everywhere, everyday, little-known acts of goodwill and kindness take place amongst those who are less fortunate and tread upon by those in power. When will our society cease to hold those who hurt as our leaders, rather than those who help?

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