Sunday, February 25, 2007

Tired rambling

I apologize -- my brain is mush and I haven't had the brainpower to post anything prescient. Birthday celebrations, getting sick, ending a relationship -- all in addition to school, homework and work. It's been a busy week.

Lent began February 20. Although I am not Christian, I decided to participate this year in support of my Catholic (newly ex-)boyfriend and also, hopefully, to benefit myself. I chose to give up MySpace. Obviously, if I have elected to give up MySpace for Lent, it is likely something on which I spend far too much time and energy. So we shall see if I can handle 40 days without it. Although I am Pagan (yes, that's right, Pagan), I see nothing wrong with participating in the religious observance of another faith tradition if it can serve to make me a better person and perhaps advance me in my spiritual path.

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