Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Religion ala Eddie Izzard

Since my group's Dialogue Project proposal is on Freedom of Religion, I thought I'd share this bit from my favorite comedian, Eddie Izzard. And thanks to freedom of speech, he is able to express himself as an "executive transvestite" and not get burned at the stake for his fashion preferences!

(FYI -- He explains a transvestite as a "male lesbian" -- it's a straight man who likes to wear women's clothing and/or make-up.)


Dog Sur said...

Eddie Izzard's skit on religion is fantastic and smart! It is important for us to remember (and Izzard cleverly reminds us) that freedom of religion is only as good as absolute freedom of speech. These two fundamental rights depend on one another.

Thanks for sharing this comedy skit with us. I look forward to seeing more of Izzard's work and listening to his facile wit on any controversial topic.

By the way, I haven't seen a man wear blue eyeshadow this stunningly in a long, long time....Hot!

Ruairaidh said...

I have almost all of his stand-up DVDs (except his latest -- "Sexie"). You're welcome to borrow them anytime! (I don't have a DVD burner, sadly.) Yes, I love him both in make-up and out!